If you've hired freelancers to provide content and copy for your business before, you know how frustrating it can be.
I used to hire writers for my content - the results were usually bland, in a voice that wasn't my own, and rarely compelling.
So I'd rewrite everything myself!
Eventually I realized that my writing expertise was something a lot of other business owners needed, so I began offering content strategy and sales copy as a service.
If you're a new client, we always start with a thorough exploration of your business's unique voice - I can help you identify what's already working in your sales process, point out where and how you could use it better, and deliver content that sounds like it came from your own mouth.
Sound good?

Blog and Email Content
Blog Posts, Autoresponder Course Sequences, and Lead Magnets written in a voice that is true to your brand, the way you already speak to your most trusted customers
Sales Copy
Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Checkout Pages, and Email Sequences written in a voice that is true to your brand, building on the way you already sell to your best and happiest customers
Podcast Production Support
Show Notes, Opt-In Elements, and Custom Intros/Outros for you to record - all in your own voice. Strategically improve the energy and flow of your show.

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